Longhorn Startup Seminar introduces students to the world of startups though the experiences of people who have built successes and learned from failures.

Students also get a chance to see student startups from Longhorn Startup Lab present on a regular basis and to participate in numerous optional networking events. This track is open enrollment to all students at UT Austin. See Syllabus below. Any student from any college can register for either of these course numbers: CS178 ES177.

For Students in the Fall    |    Introduction to Startup Formation and Operation    |    Open Registration

Longhorn Startup Lab is the ultimate startup challenge for student entrepreneurs.

Students must apply to the program as a team and should already have a startup in progress. Student teams can expect hands-on mentoring from our roster of entrepreneurs who recently participated in accelerator programs. See Syllabus below. Any student from any college can register for any of these course numbers: CS378 ES377E MAN337.
After registering, apply with your team.

For Student Teams in the Spring    |    Hands-on Mentorship for Startup Teams    |    Open Registration + Instructor Approval

Longhorn Startup 2020 Seminar Syllabus  VIEW SYLLABUS

Longhorn Startup Lab Syllabus Spring 2021      VIEW SYLLABUS